PSA: Housamo AR Card Gacha

by ptown2 - Posted 3 weeks ago

Housamo Public Service Announcement

The AR gacha has just been officially announced.

However, this gacha is set to be the same price and rates as the regular gacha, with a 2% chance of getting a 5-star, and a 15% chance of getting a 4-star. In addition, each multi costs the same as the regular gacha, 50 stones. In order to get an AR to its maximum effectiveness, you will need to obtain it multiple times in order to raise the potency of its effects.

Due to this change, they have stagnated the gacha mechanic with two systems which are equal to level up the items, requiring summon stones to summon said items. Since the login rewards are still the same and fairly minimalistic, this effectively makes item acquisition far harder and more predatory.

Remember, if you have a problem with this new feature, whenever be a paying player or a free player, you can always contact Lifewonders support via their support email,, or through their contact page on their website: