Housamo Club pages are being rerouted

by - Posted May 27, 2019

Quiggles and I decided to actually work together on this part and actually merge the site in a strange state but enough to keep the games/tools/gimmick pages updated in real-time. This means that any asset changes happening in Housamo will now be instantly live without the need of doing maintenance (unless LW breaks our shit).

As of now Tier Maker and Husbando Sorter (Sort Maker) are now ported over to the new on-line changes. Friend Catalog will be receiving this rehaul too with some nicer front-end and back-end changes. Gacha Simulator and Scene/Scenario Maker will be on hiatus during this merge for now. How long will the merge take to be fully finished is unknown and depends how motivated we are and the free-time we have.

So please enjoy this current merged site state until we keep on working this together more.